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The long established RESTART - a Florence based manufacturer - imagined bringing to light the tradition of the ancient Tuscan kitchens. All details in brass, copper, stainless steel or cast iron are handcrafted with love and respect for local tradition and lead to the inimitable and typical atmospheric RESTART  Suite.

   Appliances available: RESTART gas cookers, RESTART electric ovens, RESTART induction stoves, RESTART built-in ovens,   RESTART gas hobs, RESTART chimney hoods, RESTART sinks, RESTART fridges, RESTART kitchen cabinets of following ranges: RESTART Felix,   RESTART    Felix Royal, RESTART Medici Palace, RESTART Signoria Palace, RESTART Torricella Royal and RESTART Torricella Felix Royal.









The goal of iLVE was to create a range of cookers inspired by the skilled professionals but with a tremendous choice & variety of shape & colour for hob and oven styles.
 Any iLVE cooker will fit a contemporary kitchen as well as a colonial one and always maintaining the adaptability to every style of cuisine.

iLVE'S wide range of models and dimensions is unique: Professional, Professional Plus, Quadra and Majestic - Width from 60 up to 150 cm - Up to 9 colours and 8 different hob designs.

   Appliances available: 
iLVE gas stoves, iLVE  electric cookers, iLVE inducktion cookers, iLVE ovens, iLVE gas hobs, iLVE chimney hoods, iLVE circular sinks, iLVE fridges of folllowing ranges iLVE Professional,  iLVE Professional Plus., iLVE Majestic and iLVE Majestic Country.


 iLVE MCD-100 iLVE 600C-MP iLVE C-435/RM iLVE 600-RMP iLVE H90FCNV 








When RESTART began to imagine the collection "OFFICINE GULLO", the team was sure it would create a kitchen with unusual characteristics, a completely astonishing kitchen. When they were designing their first projects or when they were at first working in their factory they realized they were talking about the kitchens as they were cars. More precisely, they were referring to them as "cooking machines". First of all, they focussed their attention on the engine: an excellent machine, a range of top quality burners; able to satisfy both professional chefs and gourmets. Then, besides these, they have added accessories: powerful charcoal barbecues, smooth and grooved fry tops, large steam cookers and professional pasta cookers. They did not accept any compromises even for the bodywork. It was decided to use two millimeters thick steel plates and to finish them off with the best traditional materials: fused burnished handmade brass and highly thick silver finishings. The result was exactly what they had expected: kitchens realized for those who enjoy the pleasure of good food and appreciate the art of living in a sophisticated atmosphere. A collection dedicated to those who share our passion: the passion for well done things.

    Appliances available: 
GULLO cookers, GULLO chimney hoods.


 GULLO kitchen cabinets GULLO special burner  GULLO OG108S GULLO OG148 GULLO fridge 







The Lacanche stoves are much more than simple cookers: They are "pianos gastronomes" (= the French professional appellation for this kind of appliances).
Lacanche is principally a manufacturer of professional "pianos" and the long list of "grands chefs" using these perfect instruments is the best testimony for experience, a guarantee for the excellence of your new gourmet Lifestyle.

    Appliances available:
LACANCHE cookers, LACANCHE chimney hoods, LACANCHE Cormatin, LACANCHE Beaune, LACANCHE Bussy, LACANCHE Cluny, LACANCHE Chagny, LACANCHE Vougeot, LACANCHE Volnay, LACANCHE Chassagne, LACANCHE Chambertin, LACANCHE Saulieu, LACANCHE Savigny, LACANCHE Sully, LACANCHE Fontenay, LACANCHE Cîteaux.









The Heritage -  Made in Italy by experience.
Steel was born in 1999 and immediately promoted itself as a specialist in design and manufacture of sophisticated stainless steel range cookers for the domestic market. A company created by the third generation of a family who claims a major role in the World of cookers.  Angelo Po, the first real pioneer in the sector, started his steel craftsmanship in 1922, firstly with wood burning stoves, before beginning production of advanced commercial cooking models for Restaurants and hotels.

     Appliances available:
STEEL cookers, STEEL ovens, STEEL gas hobs, STEEL chimney hoods, STEEL Barbecues, STEEL modular kitchen cabinets of following ranges: STEEL Ascot, STEEL Genesi, STEEL Sintesi, STEEL Derby, STEEL Party, STEEL Complements. 


 STEEL Ascot AFE6S STEEL Ascot AFR9 STEEL Ascot A96 STEEL Ascot A7FF-4I Ascot & Genesi 







The CLASSICA range cooker by BARAZZA, an Italian manufacturer established 1968 by the brothers Pietro and Antonio Barazza, is a unique appliance designed for kitchen lovers who dreamed of a special traditional cooker with character.
Three different hob designs with professional features and sophisticated aesthetics will confer on your kitchen an ultimate breathe of harmony.
These cookers will allow a perfect integration of all tastes and flavours into your cooking landscape.

    Appliances available:
 BARAZZA cookers, BARAZZA chimney hoods, BARAZZA ovens, BARAZZA gas hobs and BARAZZA kitchen cabinet modules of the CLASSICA range



 BARAZZA Classica  BARAZZA Classica BARAZZA Classica BARAZZA Hood BARAZZA Module 


All gas appliances may be connected to natural or bottled (LPG) gas.

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