iLVE  cooker hoods Professional "Head Free" AGQ-60/70/80/90/100/110/120/150cm


Available only in stainless/steel

 ■ Ducted extraction rate max. 1000 m³/h
■ 4 Speed
■ Noise levels 42/46/52/66 dbA
■ Re circulation possible with charcoal filters (optional) 
Aluminium grease filters (dishwasher safe)
2  or 3 x 20 w dimmable halogen lamps (depending on the width)
 ■ Nominal power 360 W

Minimal distance between hood and hob: 65 cm


Stainless/steel splashback AP4-60/70/80/90/100/110/120/150 cm

 Dimensions 60/70/80/90/100/110/120/150cm



AGQ-60   Cooker hood Professional "Head Free"1.367,00 € 
AGQ-70   Cooker hood Professional "Head Free"1.393,00 € 
AGQ-80   Cooker hood Professional "Head Free"1.461,00 € 
AGQ-90   Cooker hood Professional "Head Free"1.524,00 € X
AGQ-100  Cooker hood Professional "Head Free"1.580,00 € 
AGQ-110  Cooker hood Professional "Head Free"2.034,00 € X
AGQ-120  Cooker hood Professional "Head Free"2.035,00 € X
AGQ-150  Cooker hood Professional "Head Free"2.380,00 € X
AP4-60   Splashback stainless/steel with utensil holder160,00 € 
AP4-70   Splashback stainless/steel with utensil holder166,00 € 
AP4-80   Splashback stainless/steel with utensil holder191,00 € 
AP4-90   Splashback stainless/steel with utensil holder219,00 € 
AP4-100 Splashback stainless/steel with utensil holder243,00 € 
AP4-110  Splashback stainless/steel with utensil holder297,00 € 
AP4-120  Splashback stainless/steel with utensil holder297,00 € 
AP4-150  Splashback stainless/steel with utensil holder358,00 € 
G/076/09 Charcoal filters for re circulation53,00 €  
A/301/00 Remote control 79,00 € 
A/017/26/08 Shaft prolongation 80 cm for hood width up to 100 cm217,00 € 
A/017/27/08 Shaft prolongation 80 cm for hood width 110 up to 150 cm217,00 €X 

  All prices are VAT included



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