G.H. Elettrodomestici
Georges Haenel
Via Molini 9 c
IT-38060 Nogaredo (TN)
E-Mail Address: info@vip-cooking-style.com

Phone: +49(0)35877-88285

Phone: +39 0464 462 925

Skype: g.h.elettrodomestici      
Telefax: +39 0464 499 413

VAT-ID: IT-02143380224
Registration Chamber of Commerce in Trento : TN-203100


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Dear customers,
Our company's head office is in Northern Italy since most of our suppliers are Italian. This allows direct contacts and a better logistic control.
A small warehouse is situated in Eastern Germany.

Contact data:

V.I.P-cooking-Style - G.H. Elettrodomestici
Owner: Georges Haenel
Via Molini 9c
38060 Nogaredo TN (near the Garda lake)

Phone: +39 0464 462 925 or +49(0)3 58 77-8 82 85  

Skype: g.h.elettrodomestici     
Telefax: +39 0464 499 413
Email: info@vip-cooking-style.com
Internet: www.vip-cooking-style.com